How Good it is that God is Judge (2)

I read an interesting opinion piece by Stuart Waiton in The Australian (30 Dec. ’13) that referred to the frequent public apologies being offered in recent years. He claims it is an attempt by those in authority to regain honour for our justice system by giving it a more humane face.  My reason for drawingContinue reading “How Good it is that God is Judge (2)”

Get to know God while you are young!

I spoke last Sunday on Ecclesiastes 12:1-8 and thought you may be interested in some observations from that. I will return to my series on God as Judge soon. The passage describes old age, or so it seems to me. The alternative is that it is describing a funeral. Either way, it is saying toContinue reading “Get to know God while you are young!”

How good it is that God is judge (1)

I thought this topic could be one short piece but the matter of judging is not dismissed so quickly! Here is the first of three on the topic.   The Christian message says, among many other things, that God is the world’s Judge. The truth of this brought comfort to Jesus Christ who entrusted himselfContinue reading “How good it is that God is judge (1)”

Truth to say, to do and to pray for …

Here begins a blog to share with friends (others too perhaps) the things I’m finding are true—the things I’d like to say, but also things to do and to pray for. I thought it would be good to set out some guidelines for myself as to what this blog is about. I refer to whatContinue reading “Truth to say, to do and to pray for …”